There are lists a-plenty out there...and each one is different. Media outlets – TV, newspapers, radio, countless webpages – all come up with their own cute little lists. Basically, they're just naming their own personal favorites and hoping the public will believe it.

So why should you believe my list?
Well, you probably can't.
But ya know, what I did was go through a number of different media lists and try to average-out the top ten the best way I could.

So based on that premise, and to the best of my ability, here they are in reverse order:


No pizza drive-thrus?
No Fish & Chips?

While I was going thru a handful of several 'Top Drive-thru' lists, I noticed that some of them mentioned Subway. Now, I have never seen a drive-thru Subway sandwich shop, and out of all the ones I have visited in Mid-Michigan, NONE had a drive-thru. Therefore, I didn't put it on the list. If you know where a drive-thru Subway is, let me know.

So I gave it my best shot to conglomerate a number of those “other” online listicles, to try and make this list more correct and believable. But in the end, who can positively and accurately tell what Michigan's Top Ten Favorite Fast-Food Drive-Thru Restaurants are?



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