Like it or not, Michigan's gas tax is going up beginning Jan. 1, 2023. The gas tax will rise to 1.4 cents per gallon.

We either get good news or bad news when it comes to gas prices and gas taxes. At least for now, gas prices have been going down lately. (take it while we can)

According to

A law from the Gov. Rick Snyder era requires the gas tax to increase each year. Starting in 2022, the formula calls for an increase of either 5% or the inflation rate – whichever is lower. Because inflation has hovered around 8% in the past year, the gas tax will only go up by the maximum 5% in 2023.

We all know that higher gas prices and taxes are completely out of our hands. All we can do as Michiganders, is to pay for our gas and deal with the tax increase come January. also tells us:

The increase applies to gasoline, diesel and alternative fuels. For Michiganders buying 15 gallons worth of gas, the increased tax would add on 21 cents to the total bill. In 2016, Michigan’s gas tax was 19 cents per gallon, but has been raised to provide more funding for roads and infrastructure.

I use to pay close attention to rising gas prices and it was driving me nuts looking at all the Michigan gas station signs just to find the lowest gas prices around.

These days I just pull into the nearest gas station, ignore the price, pump my gas and then I'm on my way down the road.

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