Spoiler alert it is not Hooters, although this particular restaurant does serve chicken too.

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Chicken may be just the clue you needed to narrow down your guess of what is the Best Themed Restaurant in  Michigan. Spoiler alert it is not KFC either. This landmark restaurant serves more than chicken. If schnitzels and smoked meats, noodles, and potato cheese puffs are what you are craving - you will find that and much more here.

I am guessing by now you are quite sure you have figured out the answer. Can I get a drumroll, please? Without further adieu Michigan's Best Themed Restaurant according to Love Food is Bavarian Inn Restaurant and Lodge in Frankenmuth.

Bavarian Inn Facebook
Bavarian Inn Facebook

How many times have you been to the Bavarian Inn? I can't remember the exact number of times I have been there, but I do remember the first time. When I was a kid my dad found out he had a 12-year-old son. Surprise!

My brother Patrick lived in Germany prior to moving to the United States. Long story short, Patrick came to Michigan to meet us and since he had lived in Germany, my dad figured he would love Frankenmuth. We had our first family dinner together at the Bavarian Inn. I wonder if the restaurant would be interested in using that story in a commercial?

I love the fact that people travel from all over the world via plane, train, or automobile to experience all that Frankenmuth has to offer. Most of us are lucky to have it right in our backyard.

Is anyone else craving a chicken dinner right about now?

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