Members of Iraqi paramilitary Popular Mobilisation units, which are dominated by Shiite militias, celebrate with a flag of the Islamic State (IS) group after retaking the village of Albu Ajil, near the city of Tikrit, from the jihadist group,AHMAD AL-RUBAYE - Getty Images

Michael Mandley is a Michigan native and US Navy Vet who decided to take his intel work and put it to good work in the real world.

Mandley like the rest of us has seen the horrifying images of terrorist attacks in Ottawa, Sydney and Paris. He has felt the anger well up like you have when watching cowards with their faces covered cut off the heads of people because they are Christians. The disgust of watching one horrible act barbarism after another finally pushed Mandley to respond.

Using the high tech training he learned in the Navy he recently founded social media sites to help people report suspected terrorists. From there he sorts it out and sends the information to the appropriate places for review. In just the first week he has had more than 5000 hits.

“People don’t know what to do when they suspect something is going on” Mandley said. “We have given them a resource to act if they see something happening”.

To learn more check out Anti Status on Twitter.

Anti Status


We reveal identities to federal & International authorities of those radicalized individuals who have, or plan to travel to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

Michael Mandley will be a guest on The Steve Gruber Show Tuesday May 12, 2015. Listen live. Click above.