The King will meet with the head of the PLO though.

When you have a liberal pundit on an extreme liberal station say President Obama is being snubbed by the King, well you are being snubbed by the King.

MSNBC’s (the extreme liberal station) Andrea Mitchell (the liberal pundit) said today on her show that there is “no other way to interpret” Saudi Arabian King Salman skipping out on the Arab leaders summit at Camp David than as “a snub.”

According to an audio piece I just listened to on the Daily Caller’s website Ms. Mitchell on her show “Mitchell Reports” was speaking with the AP’s Julie Pace and stated the following “The White House trying to claim this is not a snub, certainly the Saudis are saying this is not a snub, but there is no other way to interpret it,”

This is just another example of how far the U.S. has fallen in the eyes of the world.  Due to the policies of the President and the Democrat party the world does not respect the United States anymore.

In this case it is being reported that the King is upset that the President is selling the future of the middle-east to Iran, just to get his deal.