Likely more rounds of rolling thunder in Michigan today as officials are continuing to investigate whether tornadoes are responsible for downing trees and power lines across Michigan on Monday.

Severe Weather - Photo by Getty Images

Severe weather was reported in Livingston County from the storm system that moved through the state. Indications today are that a tornado did touch down in Livingston County in the Gregory area.  Reports indicate some damage from a twister at the intersection of Doyle Road and Unadilla Drive.  The damage, though, was said to be minimal.

Another sighting occurred in Monroe County near Detroit Beach.  It was described by those at the National Weather Service as a "rope" tornado.

Another unconfirmed report came from those in the community of Stockbridge in Ingham County where a photo posted on showed what looked to be a tornado.

Today, as storm spotter keep their eyes on the sky, other emergency personnel will be closing off roads overrun by rising water.  The system dumped several inches of rain on the state in a short period of time leading to flooding in low-lying areas.

Reminders from police, that if you see a road covered over in water, do not attempt to drive through it.  Cars can be washed away very quickly.  They advise, instead, to seek an alternate route.

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