The latest Real Clear Politics average in Michigan has the race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump getting tighter across the state. Clinton’s lead in the state has been steadily dwindling since it peaked in late August at over 9 points. The latest average is down to 4.3 points. The erosion in support seems to have continued despite what many thought was a winning debate performance on Monday.

It is also why Donald Trump will be back in the state Friday. Trump will be holding a rally in Novi at 5 in the afternoon on September 30th at the Suburban Collection Showplace.

Clinton herself has not been in Michigan in quite some time. She has been spending her time in other swing states like New Hampshire and North Carolina a pair of states that were thought to be easily in her bag back at the end of August too.

This race is headed to the wire no matter how much the Mainstream Media wish it just wasn’t so.