Democrats including Michigan’s Congressional delegation are demanding Flint get gobs of money right now or they will shut down the entire US Federal Government.

There has been money set aside for Flint to help the city cleanup from a self imposed water disaster that left much of the municipal supply with unsafe levels of lead but so far the money has not been released. Democrats are demanding that the money be included in a continuing resolution this week and if it’s not then they will block the spending bill altogether and force Uncle Sam to close the doors at midnight Friday.

Both of Michigan’s Senators, Democrats Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters joined their colleagues in the house to demand the payment now. The group said if the money isn’t on it’s way this week that they will move to block the spending bill altogether and force the government closure.

The continuing resolution put forth by the Republican leadership does not include a provision for Flint to get money from this bill. Congressman Dan Kildee a Flint Democrat said the message to residents of Flint is “loud and clear: You don’t matter.” Kildee says he intends to prove otherwise.

The continuing resolution bill does include about $500 million for Louisiana flood victims but the $220 million earmarked for lead poisoning in Flint and other cities is not included and that has Democrats making as much political hay as possible.