Not sure if this is because of the coronavirus but more people around the state and the country are applying to medical schools in Michigan. It isn't just one Michigan university medical school that has seen big application increases as all schools are. According to WILX, more than 43,000 people applied to medical programs and schools all over Michigan with many of those application going to Michigan State University.

This is great news for Michigan universities as they get to see more applicants, even though it will be a little harder for the students. Some universities around the state have been expanding their medical schools in recent years, with most expanding their class size to account for the extra applicants.

Michigan State will not be expanding their class size though and will instead focus on finding the best students and the quality of the education. Another reason for MSU not expanding class sizes is that they would have to add more teachers, which is something they can't do now with recent cuts.

The rising number of applicants is great to see, especially this year with coronavirus, but will be good for the future of health. Now that there will be more people interested in becoming a doctor or caring about health it will make it harder for people to get accepted. See more about it here, and if you know anyone that wants go into the medical or health field tell them to have several backup schools in Michigan and out of state.

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