Where is Jimmy Hoffa? It is one of the most enduring and notorious mysteries. One woman claims her family has the answer.

A Michigan woman says her family has known for many years where Hoffa is. She says after years of guilt and fear, her grandmother attempted to contact the FBI with the information but was not taken seriously. Her grandmother has since passed away.

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The most recent anniversary of Jimmy Hoffa's disappearance was Friday, July 30, 2021. After 46 years the theories, stories, and conspiracies continue. But one Michigan woman has come forward to anonymously share the story her family has known for over 46 years. A possible answer and location to where the infamous union boss's body is.

We will call this woman Susan. Susan has chosen to remain anonymous for the same reasons many chose not to speak up 46 years ago. Susan and I do not know each other personally. She saw an article I wrote on Jimmy Hoffa's disappearance and said she knew what happened. Of course, that had me intrigued and I reached out to her.

Below is Susan's family's story of what happened to Hoffa in her words

A close relative was a mechanic at Louis Linteau's limo service. He was very young at the time. The day after Hoffa disappeared, one of the grease pits for repairing limos in the shop had been completely filled in with concrete. The mechanics knew immediately that something was up because there was absolutely no reason to fill it in. But they were threatened not to speak. That family member divulged this to my grandparents, who are both now passed away. I have heard the story come up several times throughout my life, but grandpa always said "Don't talk about it, they will come after the whole family". I had been living with my grandma for the last 2 years leading up to her recent passing. She was on a mission to see Jimmy Hoffa found. She was very old, and weak, and had a shaky voice and memory. So, when she called the tip line and spoke with the FBI over a year ago, I am not sure if they really took her seriously.

Susan says she is unsure whether the service pit was in the same building as the limo service or if the limos were serviced by Linteau's mechanics at a separate location.

With very little research I was able to confirm that Louis Linteau was indeed a close friend of Hoffa's and that Hoffa had indeed gone to Linteau's limo service the day he disappeared.

Linteau testified before a Federal grand jury investigating Mr. Hoffa's disappearance in September 1975. Linteau is also believed to be the last known person to talk to Hoffa. Linteau alleged at the time he received a call from Hoffa who said he had been stood up. Hoffa was said to be meeting a man with strong mob ties along with two other men.

Susan said her relative was just a teenager at the time and the people he was working with or for really scared him into remaining silent. She said she hopes law enforcement will take a closer look and investigate.

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