After growing up reading and watching all that science fiction - it's come to this: A bill being reviewed by the Michigan House of Representatives in Lansing, would make it illegal to require employees to have microchips implanted, injected or ingested into their body.

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According to WWMT-TV in Kalamazoo, the Microchip Protection Act would prohibit employers from requiring employees, or prospective employees, to have devices put in their bodies as a condition of employment. Indiana is already looking into banning the practice, as are 10 other states.

And why would anyone want an employee to "get chipped"? According to, employees would have a secure way of opening doors to offices with just the wave of your hand, (much like some ID badges or key fobs do now), signing onto computers, or using it as a paperless way to buy lunch in a company cafeteria. Companies could also use it to track health information in an effort to "reduce health care costs for employers" by making "recommendations on how employees can improve their health". Yeah, about that...

Of course, someone could find a way to hack into all that secure company information you have in that chip in your hand. (And get that credit card number you use to buy burritos at lunch. That would be the bad part)

Crazy times, huh? Here's the story.

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