Last winter, if you had told me drive-in movie theaters would be the hottest entertainment venues in America this summer, I would have nodded politely - and then asked if you needed a ride somewhere, because you were clearly drunk.

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However - it is so. Last weekend, the top grossing theater in America (as well as North America, I believe) was a 70-year-old drive-in movie theater in Dearborn, Michigan. According to the Detroit Free Press, last weekend, the Ford-Wyoming Drive-In grossed $127,300. And did it with the help of two films with Michigan connections.

One of the films showing there this past weekend was "Wretched", filmed in northern Michigan by Brett and Drew Pierce, two brothers from Detroit. "Wretched" happens to be the former #1 movie in America, thanks to showings at drive-ins during the pandemic. (You can also find it streaming on Amazon) One of the other movies playing there this last weekend was "The Evil Dead", written and directed by the Pierce brothers' hero - Sam Raimi, who was going to Michigan State before he quit to do this movie in 1981. If you've never seen it, "The Evil Dead" is a horror movie about MSU students at a cabin in Tennessee. Of course, nothing ever good happens in that situation at a drive-in movie.

This next weekend - on Saturday night, the Ford-Wyoming will be one of the drive-ins offering Garth Brooks in a nationwide concert.

How much longer will this go on? Will people go to drive-ins or just stay home to watch movies? How about you? I have to imagine indoor theaters will be back and full at some point. But for right now - drive-ins are the hottest thing in entertainment.

Now, if you could just find a car or truck with a bench seat. Amiright?

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