Michigan Sen. Mike Green (R-Mayville) has offered what he describes as a “peace pipe” in the open carry debate between gun rights groups and Michigan school officials.

In an article on MLive.com, this “peace pipe” would prohibit gun owners from openly carrying weapons in Michigan schools, day care centers and some other areas under legislation — however, it would allow CPL holders the ability to carry concealed pistols in these places, provided they first request an exemption from the state.

Green explained that this "peace pipe" proposal would ideally help ease tensions between school officials and gun rights groups, noting that some school officials have complained about open carry in their buildings, MLive reported.

This new legislation will be introduced next week in Lansing.

State Senator Green was quoted in the article saying, "I basically want to trade open carry for concealed carry in those zones. I shopped it by the gun groups some time ago, and everybody seemed to be OK with it, but now some of them are having a little trepidation. I'm not sure where it's headed."

Currently, Michigan law does not allow concealed pistol license holders to carry concealed guns in schools and other so-called "pistol-free zones."

As part of this “peace pipe,” Sen. Green's bill would prohibit open carry in schools, daycare centers, sports arenas, bars, churches, entertainment venues, hospitals, casinos and college dorms or classrooms.

The CPL holders would need to request from the state an exemption during the original application or renewal process. This exemption would be granted in the form of an endorsement on the actual license.

Sound like a good compromise to you?

Michigan Open Carry Inc., which advocates for open carry rights, is stating that it will "heavily oppose" the bill.

My question to the Michigan Open Carry group is, "Why?"

If this law is passed, and you are granted this exemption, why is there a need to open carry in these places.

Michigan’s Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners said they generally support allowing concealed carry in schools but has not yet taken an official position on Sen. Green's pending bill.

There are approximately 475,000 Michigan residents who currently have concealed carry permits, according to the latest statistics from the Michigan State Police.

Gov. Rick Snyder vetoed a similar bill in 2012. I wonder what his position on this compromised bill will be.

If this law would save one child’s or school employee’s life, is it worth it?

Do you believe this could increase gun violence or access to guns in our schools and the other places mentioned in the bill?

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