A Michigan family learned just how powerful summer monsoon storms can be in Arizona.

Ted Shapron and his stepdaughter Harmony Swanson were four-wheeling in the Tonto National Forest recreational area when a summer storm came out of nowhere.

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Shapron tells Arizona's 3TV that he knew rain was in the forecast but he thought it would pass quickly.

"It was scary, it was like out of a movie," Shapron tells Arizona's 3TV. "It was a double flash flood."

The pair had to ditch their all-terrain vehicles and hide out in porta-potties during the height of the storm. Harmony recorded video of the experience, some of which is included in the clip below.

Ted's wife and Harmony's mom Lauren was at home in Detroit, getting calls from the two who said they were in trouble. Lauren Shapron contacted the company from which her family had rented the ATVs and they then sent out a search and rescue team.

First responders came by helicopter in order to rescue Ted and Harmony from the raging flood waters.

Ironically, Lauren Shapron says the trip was planned as a bonding experience designed to strengthen the relationship between stepfather and stepdaughter.

"That's my belief that maybe this made them closer," shey says.

We're glad the pair are now back at home safe and sound.

Side Note:  We love how the reporter pronounces "Michiganders" at the 1:49 mark in the video below.


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