Michigan Democrats in what looks like political grandstanding with just a couple of weeks before the election have put forth a series of gun control bills including a gun and ammunition ban.

The package of bills put forth by Robert Wittenberg and Oak Park Democrat includes a ban on so called assault weapons that would be the strictest in the nation and would include certain types of rifles, shotguns and handguns. The bills would prohibit the sale or transfer of such weapons and would require people that already own such weapons to register them with the State Police. The bill would also give the state the power to inspect the weapon every year to verify safe storage. Violating the laws would be a felony that could carry a 4-year prison term. The laws were most certainly turn ordinary citizens into criminals.

The inspection provision could mean police could be pounding on the door of otherwise law-abiding citizens at midnight to verify ‘safe-storage’. Michigan gun control advocates say the laws do not violate the Second Amendment by suggesting it has only to do with hunting. Linda Brundage the Executive Director of the Michigan Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence commented, “If you need an assault weapon to go hunting I would suggest target practice.”

Another provision in one of the bills would require reporting to law enforcement when you have ammunition lost or stolen. How exactly would that work? I guess you’d have to report each round you fired too.