In an annual tradition Michigan is ablaze right now with fall colors that are unrivaled anywhere in the Free World. In fact I dare say that there is nowhere on Earth as visually stunning as Michigan in October.

I am spending the day on Mackinac Island with my wife and her parents and taking in the blazing colors of fall. Brilliant reds, vibrant yellows and fiery orange can be seen in nearly all directions. Island traffic is slow today which is really too bad. I mean I don’t think people realize what they are missing.

Mackinac Island is a top destination for tourists from all over the world during the heat of summer and into early fall but with Halloween fast approaching I think people are shy to take the chance catch the ferry and head for an island day trip. I don’t hear many foreign voices today and most of the brave souls seem to be Michigan natives that have come across this incredible gem and kept the secret to themselves.

Well, I am here to tell you, Mackinac Island should be on your bucket list for next years color tour unless you can fit it in over the next few days. The color is at peak across most of Northern Michigan and the Island might be the hottest spot of them all.