We all hear the same thing every year at the end of December, "New Year, New Me." The reality is, change begins whenever you want it. Sometimes holding a resolution up to a high standard can lead to its downfall. Other times, people stick to their word and keep their resolutions. Whether it be to lose weight, get fit, enjoy life more, save more money, spend more time with friends, learning something new, travel more, or drink less, it's always a challenge to keep your promise to yourself. Michigan has a few cities that made a list to determine how well certain cities keep to their resolutions.

Grand Rapids ranked the United States as the 51st best city to keep their new years resolutions, according to a study at wallethub.com They did much better than Detroit, who can't seem to keep their promise to themselves, ranking in at 178th out of 182 cities. The research was gathered by looking at a total of 56 key metrics, ranging from gyms per capita, to income growth to employment outlook. Detroit needs to fight back and keep those resolutions strong this year.

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