As vaccination status becomes more important in workplaces and venues across West Michigan, the Michigan Attorney General's office is targeting those who are offering fake vaccination cards online.

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Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel has filed a petition seeking authorization to issue a subpoena to Facebook to learn the identity of an apparent scammer who claimed to be selling blank Coronavirus vaccination cards in an online marketplace. The filing, made under the Michigan Consumer Protection Act, details how a fake persona was used to solicit buyers on Facebook Marketplace communities.

The solicitation has since been removed from the site. Which was located on the "Mom2MomSwap-Macomb County" page.

In a statement to the media Dana Nessel says the petition is a warning to both scammers and those looking to commit fraud:

Let this be a warning to those who take a shot at buying or selling fake vaccination cards in Michigan. Although this one looks to be just a money-for-nothing scam, we will dig into complaints like this and vigorously pursue those who put lives in danger with fake vaccination cards.

In April, Nessel joined a bipartisan group of attorneys general to call on Twitter, eBay, and Shopify to act immediately to prevent people from offering to sell fraudulent Centers for Disease Control (CDC) vaccination cards on their platforms.

Anyone aware of the sale of fake vaccination cards, or any consumer scam, is encouraged to file a complaint with the Department:

Consumer Protection Division 
P.O. Box 30213 
Lansing, MI 48909 
Fax: 517-241-3771 
Toll free: 877-765-8388 
Online complaint form 

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