Scammers never take a break when it comes to trying to get your money and personal information. That's why you need to constantly be aware of who you're talking to and what you do online, over email, and on the phone.

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Tax Scams In Michigan

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel told WDIV that it's important for people to know that the IRS is not going to call you, text you, or send you an email. If they want to be in touch with you they will send you an old-fashioned snail mail letter.

If someone steals your refund, not only are you out of that money, but it also makes it impossible for you to file for your own refund.

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Justin Veenema @Unsplash
Justin Veenema @Unsplash

Pet Scams In Michigan

Pet scams were a huge problem during the pandemic because nobody wanted to be isolated at home all alone. Now as we enter spring in Michigan this scam is ramping up and getting worse. Often times people will see a dog or cat online and want to buy it from a breeder who happens to be out of state. The scammer posts a generic picture of the pet for sale and people end up paying for it without ever seeing the pet in person to see that it's real. One Michigan woman told WDIV that she paid $750 to a scammer posing as an out-of-state breeder. She said his website looked real, but in the end, she got scammed and is heartbroken.

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Other Scams To Watch Out For In Michigan

-Phone scams

-Email scams

-Phishing scams

-Online shopping scams

Scams in the WWW

How To Avoid A Scam

Experts say that if you don't know who the message, email, or call is from, simply ignore it. Also, make sure that before you pay for anything online you verify the person or company is real and legit.

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