If you're trying to buy a house right now or you just currently bought one, you know how insane the market is right now. I actually just bought my second house and man, was it way easier buying a couple of years ago. Buying this house seemed impossible.

I put in a couple offers before I landed on my house now and it was extremely frustrating for two reasons.

The first one was that I was told I was in the top two and they decided to go with the other offer. The second one is that people are going 20-30 grand over the asking price. Crazy, right?

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Why Michigan's Housing Market is Crazy

You may or may not have heard me talk about it before, but it's mainly because it's a sellers market right now. So, basically there are more buyers then sellers, which is making everything extremely competitive.

On top of that, interest rates are low and Jeanette Schneider, the president of RE/MAX of Southeastern Michigan, told Fox 47 that low interest rates are one of the main reasons that millennials want to buy right now.

She said that after the pandemic and a lot of remodeling, individuals who were once interested in moving are choosing to stay put. You can read more about where housing sales were compared to last year on Fox 47's website.

I know it seems like it's impossible and you may be losing faith, but it is possible. Just give it a little more time and the perfect house will find you.

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