For commuters in the very liberal city of Boston in the very liberal state of Massachusetts a reckoning this winter- mass transit is a massive failure! By the tens of thousands those that depend on trains and busses instead of private transportation have been left out in the cold, literally.

Newly elected Governor Charlie Baker said he’s “done with excuses” from MBTA and rail operators about the problems that have plagued the state’s beleaguered transit system and insisted his short-term focus remains solely on getting service back on track.

Today however there were more failures. Buses drove right past commuters that had been waiting, some for nearly two hours, in freezing temperatures. Train lines were closed again all over town because of snow on the tracks and in one case a train stuck in that snow. Those that depend on that line didn’t even get notice that they would have no way to get home. Isn’t this great?

The Governor was clearly angered by the ongoing series of failures “I’m sort of done with excuses, OK?” Baker told reporters. “I want to hear what people are actually going to do to get the riding public back to the point where people can depend on and rely on the service.

This is exactly what you can expect in a Utopian world dreamed up in faculty lounges. You see in the dream it never snows. In fact there is no such thing as snow because of Global Warming. But in the real world that kind of thinking has created a commuting nightmare for millions and there is no end in sight.