The New York Attorney General and a prosecutor in Washington, DC have both brought separate lawsuits simultaneously against the NRA. Obviously coordinated by these left wing jurisdictions to maximize the Public Relations blow to the NRA within 90 days of the presidential election.

Mark W. Smith wrote about these situations specifically in his book, "First They Came for the Gun Owners."  He discusses how the left uses politically-motivated lawsuits and legal processes to discourage and destroy gun rights in the United States.

Mark W. Smith is the author of "First They Came for the Gun Owners" and The New York Times bestselling author of The Official Handbook of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy. He is a Presidential Scholar and Senior Fellow in Law and Public Policy at The King’s College in New York City as well as a former professor of law. Mark is an attorney admitted to the U.S. Supreme Court Bar, and serves on the working group of the Federalist Society’s Second Amendment initiative. Mark, a graduate of the New York University School of Law, regularly appears in the national media as a political and legal commentator. Mark’s most recent book was #Duped: How the Anti-Gun Lobby Exploits the Parkland Shooting—and How Gun Owners Can Fight Back.

Mark's take on the situation

This is an extraordinary moment of the politicization of the criminal justice system in America. This is a prosecutor who ran a campaign on the promise that she would go after the NRA. That’s extraordinary. So this wolf comes as a wolf — there’s no question that this is a politically motivated criminal prosecution.

We know that from the timing and we know that from the remedy that is sought.   Make no mistake, the timing is not a coincidence. Attorney General James has been in possession of the relevant facts since the Wall Street Journal published them over a year ago. It’s clear she’s been waiting to file her charges on the eve of the presidential election in an effort to hobble the NRA.

And the remedy that is sought drives home this point. The attorney general is trying to dissolve the NRA based on the alleged misdeeds of a few executives. How does that make any sense? To be sure, if individual executives were involved in improper conduct, and I have no view on that subject, they should be held to account. But there’s no reason whatsoever to punish the 5 million individual members of the NRA.

Whether the NRA wins or loses this lawsuit is beside the point.  That the New York AG will tie up the NRA and its time, money, personnel and resources addressing the investigations and lawsuits will cause the NRA to be forced to divert resources from its mission of protecting gun owners to fighting off this lawsuit and the like.

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