Canada is already tapping into their syrup reserves (yes, it's a thing) but could Michigan's maple syrup production keep us from having dry pancakes this winter?

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Global Maple Syrup Shortage

According to NPR, the world's leader in maple syrup production, is struggling with a shortage in the "liquid gold." So much so, they are reporting on an announcement from Canadian group, Quebec Maple Syrup Producers, that they were releasing about half of what was stockpiled in the strategic maple syrup reserves, 50 million pounds of it!

Canada, per NPR, is responsible for producing around 70-percent of the entire WORLD'S supply of maple syrup. After some harsh weather during peak syrup season, it looks like Mother Nature is to blame for the shortage, unlike many other shortages we are experiencing which are related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, it is not only Canada experiencing the pain of the shortage, CLICK HERE for a story of the syrup struggles being experienced currently in Northeast Ohio.

So, how is Michigan going to fare?

Michigan's Maple Syrup Industry

The Michigan Maple Syrup Association reports that the Mitten is responsible for around three percent of all the United State's maple syrup production. On average, about 90,000 of the U.S.'s total 3,167,000 gallons comes from Michigan, according to Michigan Grown.

The weather is crucial for making the perfect Michigan maple syrup and it turns out, there's a very specific time of the year it can happen.

"Maple sap is collected in early spring as the fluctuation between freezing and warmer temperatures creates the necessary pressure for sap to flow," the Michigan DNR says. "For most of Michigan, March is 'maple syrup season,' but depending on location, it can begin earlier or later."

In 2020, Michigan had an extremely successful syrup season as Forest Data Network reports total production was at 170,000 gallons...

Despite a stellar season last year, with our neighbors like Canada and Ohio struggling, was our 2021 harvest enough to get us by?

Michigan Maple Syrup Data - 2021

While we wait and wonder if we will have enough maple syrup to last us until the season picks up again, let's look at the numbers from this year.

Morning AgClips reports there was an estimated 150,000 gallons of syrup produced in Michigan this past year. However, that is down about 20,000 gallons from 2020.

One possible explanation could be that our "syrup season" was about four days shorter in 2021 than it was in 2020, per Morning AgClips, coming in at 25 days instead of 29.

Like our neighboring states/country, the weather also could have played a part.

While syrup production in the United States as a whole was down 17-percent from 2020, what do we think this means?

Will we have to forgo our sweet, delicious, Michigan-made syrup for the more processed artificial stuff this season? Only time, and supply, will tell.

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