About 6 weeks ago before I even knew about all the trouble on the nationwide food shortage I was noticing a lot of things I shop for low or missing on the grocery store shelves where I shop.

Things like popcorn, some variety of sodas, Condiments, and canned goods.  There was also less of a variety on many brands.

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And check this out, Lansing area restaurants are feeling the pain from the nationwide food shortage as well according to fox47news.com.

Some Restaurants Are Concerned

Many bars and restaurants are concerned like Old Nation Brewery, they say it's not necessarily a food shortage problem, but a supply chain issue that is impacting the cost of the food they purchase.

We'll get, for example, lettuce or tomatoes or whatever produce in the amount that we order it. But sometimes the quality of that produce isn't as good as we wanted. So we'll have to throw a fair amount out in order to just keep the stuff that either meets our standards, which increases food cost." said owner Travis Fritts.


Another issue says David Closs who is a supply chain management professor at Michigan State University is there are not enough people working in the food plants, or driving the trucks to get food to its destination. On top of that shipping containers are taking a lot longer to reach the U.S.

Affecting Prices Here in Michigan

And of course, all of this is really raising prices which is bad for folks on a tight budget these days. I have paid about a buck more for some items like bacon and produce.

The sad thing is experts don't see things getting better soon. The effects of the nationwide food shortage could go well into 2022

Restaurant owners are saying be patient and understanding and we will get through this together.

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