As of this writing, the most recent post on the Facebook page for Leo's Lodge on E. Jolly Rd. in Lansing plugs the "best cheese bread in town". But you won't be able to test that claim for yourself. Not today, anyway.

The digital sign in front of the area staple indicates that the restaurant is temporarily closed, offering no further information as to why the doors are currently locked or when we can expect them to re-open. Calls to Leo's Lodge were not answered, and messages were left but not returned. However, close sources tell us that Leo's is currently experiencing a staffing issue and is expected to re-open next week.

It's not the first time that Leo's Lodge has opted to close for a few days due to a lack of available personnel. As was reported last summer, the doors were shuttered for a few days for the exact same reason.

Leo's Lodge has been a staple in the area since opening its doors in 1996. It's got a very Northern Michigan cabin feel, with simultaneously giving a big nod to its proximity to the Michigan State Spartans. The Leo's Lodge menu features your typical pub fare with a twist. In addition to pizza and wings and burgers and beer, you'll also find unique offerings such as "Backwoods Beer Cheese & Pretzel Bites" and "Snake Bites"--had to consult the Leo's menu to do this description justice-- "tender pieces of thinly sliced top choice sirloin served with tangy BBQ sauce or house made splinter sauce and garlic toast."

Here's hoping the issue that's got Leo's Lodge closed again will be rectified soon.

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