It's no secret these days that Lansing area restaurants are having a tough time and having a hard time finding good employees who will stay awhile. Some have had to close. There have been many that have opened as well like "That's What Cheese Said" at 500 Alley at Grand River East Lansing, my hot pick of the week.

I was there last Friday afternoon and it was awesome, not only is it cool that it just opened but the food and service were outstanding, with a great variety of grilled cheese sandwiches and mac and cheese favorites.  I will be back, we all need to get out and support our local restaurants in the area.

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Latest Lansing Restaurant To Close

Ok, here is the sad news we are losing another restaurant that is close to Downtown Lansing where I live. According to Leo’s Outpost on South Pennsylvania Ave closed as of Friday afternoon. I have passed it many times and always wanted to try it.

The other Leo’s restaurant which is near work and I go to a lot for lunch will stay open  Leo’s Lodge at 2525 E. Jolly Road.

Lansing City Pulse shared Leo's statement on the closing:

We are sorry to report that effective immediately, Leo's Outpost is permanently closed. Since 2002, Leo's Outpost has been the east side of Lansing's home for family gatherings, friendly banter, and memorable occasions. We have appreciated seeing daily familiar faces evolve into friends that frequently visit.  We hope to see that continue and welcome you to join us at our other location, Leo's Lodge, located at 2525 E Jolly Rd, for the same great food, drinks, and service.

So there you have it, let's get out and enjoy all the great local restaurants in the greater Lansing area.  So many great ones to pick from and enjoy.

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