It's probably not a question that is plaguing your every waking minute, but I do have an answer to a question you as a Spartan fan may have.

Q: Where can I hear MSU Football this year?

Basically, it is the same as every other year, but we are in pandemic times, right? You can't go to the game anymore, so you want to know where you can listen to it instead.

Your tailgate wouldn't be complete without the live game on the radio, right?

For those of you other spartan fans who have been enjoying the MSU Classic Games on 1240 WJIM, we are sadly going to be listening to the last game on October 17th, however, why is this a bad thing? We've got live sports.

Now, for those of you non-football fans who like your classic rock or your talk personalities, you can still stream your favorite artists and talk shows on our free apps. Just because another party starts, doesn't mean the old ones end.

Download the apps below:

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*NOTE: Due to streaming rules, we cannot air MSU Football on our stream, so feel free to continue listening to your favorite talents on the Big Talker or the first classic rock station in the nation, on our streams.*

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