When will I learn my lesson, and stop heading to Detroit on an empty stomach?

Before I begin this article, I want to state, I am a humongous fan of Little Ceasers Arena, as well as the Detroit Red Wings. The sound system at the arena first of all, as an audiophile, can we just set that up in my bedroom?

Nathan Vandenburg.
Nathan Vandenburg.


Also, the Red Wings, how can you be a Michiganader and not like them!?

Plus, if you get there before the game, they put on a light show! I mean, I didn't come from the show, but man did they have me hooked. On top of it, each time a goal is scored, our man Slim Shady gets played.

While I may have been ready for the wings, my wallet, on the other hand, was not prepared!

When Did Attending Sporting Events Get So Expensive?

It's not as big of a problem at the college level. Sure, depending on the game and who the team is facing, you may have to pay a little extra, especially if they're good. However, on average, you're not paying an arm and a leg for the tickets to attend (on average).

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For any major sport, however, you're instantly paying more than $40 for tickets. Which, is no big deal. If you love the Red Wings, you'll spend the money on it, just like I did.

Nathan Vandenburg
Nathan Vandenburg

But, can we address the bigger issue at hand here? Maybe like the chicken tenders, pretzels, popcorn, and a soft drink? I'm well aware this is a far larger problem than the Red Wings, even colleges have some pretty crazy prices at concession stands, but wow!

I spent nearly $130 just on drinks, snacks, and some food for my sister and myself at this Red Wings game. It's not just a Little Ceasers issue either, stadiums across the country are venturing into this nature. Even the little league guys are doing it.

Nathan Vandenbrug
Nathan Vandenbrug

Frankly, I'd like to know how much they make a night on all of that. I alone gave about a hundred in the day. And everywhere I looked, people were holding onto some kind of concession item. I mean, it's not a real hockey game unless you've got a hard drink in your hand, right?

Again, I'm an avid Red Wings fan, and trust me Little Ceasers, you'll see more of my cash within this year. However, I will be eating before I head to the game this time.

What's the most outrageous price you've seen at a venue before? Tell us in the app.

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