Every one of us that has worked at a corporate media giant like I have several times, has been told what to read or what to say on many occasions. This is nothing unusual or even very interesting about it happening except that the liberal leaning outlets that were called out have gone off the rails. CNN, MSNBC, Vox, The Washington Post and others have gone on at length how dangerous it is for local Sinclair stations to repeat a script written by corporate. I mean seriously? Every outlet I just named follow dictates sent down from on high at corporate. It is striking how they think nobody can actually figure that out for themselves.

Lets be clear there is nothing wrong with Sinclair outlining its concerns about bias at outlets like CNN or MSNBC. Those are among the companies that have been caught delivering false stories several times in the past couple of years. If you prefer not to call it 'fake news' then you can call it reckless reporting, sloppy reporting or lazy reporting. You can call it a lot of things but to push the idea that Sinclair is wrong to point out the bad behavior of so many national news outlets is absurd on its face.

The complaint by the chattering class on the left is that Sinclair ‘forced’ its news people to ‘regurgitate’ the same ‘Trump friendly’ script about the news. Ok, well all of those outlets have ganged up on The President and everyone knows it. Every honest person also knows that many of these left leaning news outlets have dumped any semblance of journalistic integrity in pursuit of Trump at any cost.

The bottom line is Sinclair explained to it’s viewers that its job is to deliver news and not biased reports from the right or left, which of course is true. The problem it seems is that many on the left are just repulsed by the truth and unable to hear any other point of view except their own.

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