The American media has given great latitude over the past few weeks to the voices of students who survived the unspeakable slaughter by another former classmate that laid waste to 14 of their friends and three of their teachers. When the shooting stopped 17 lay dead, 15 more wounded in the Valentines Day massacre in the halls and classrooms of Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. The ruthless acts of violence, depravity, and moral deviance most of us will never fathom. How could we; for most of us can neither understand nor transcend the kind of darkness that must possess one’s soul to consume it with utter disregard for all others and pursue a destructive vengeance leaving an unspeakable carnage in its wake.

However well intentioned the students and their cries of “enough is enough,” and the ‘March for our Lives’; they are not intellectually or emotionally equipped to make such decisions when it comes to The Second Amendment or much of anything else for that matter. The fact is, they simply do not know enough to be trusted with the sacred responsibilities of protecting our freedoms, our Constitution or our nation. The truth is they have no idea what they are really suggesting and we simply cannot let the children, no matter what their motives may be to start to dictate how the Republic will be run in the years to come. There is a reason the framers of the Constitution set the standards for service in the House and Senate so high. They knew the level of maturity required to decide the course of a nation should not be trusted to the whims of youth.

It seems that timeless wisdom has been lost however on the midway hawkers disguised as journalists working for CNN, NBC, The Washington Post or New York Times. Somehow they have concluded that children that have been, of their own admission, emotionally scarred by a mass murder in their midst should be in charge of the laws that govern us.

What’s worse is these kids are led by the ever more antagonistic David Hogg, the self- proclaimed leader of the so-called movement at the age of 17. 17! Some kid that didn’t make into several colleges despite strong grades, which raises a series of other questions, is the one being championed by the American media as the one that will deliver on the anti-gun agenda. Hogg is spending his time wagging his finger at any and all gun owners, demonizing the NRA, impugning Senator John McCain by innuendo and working hard to destroy conservative commentators. Well I am not impressed by his behavior and his bullying tactics will not cow me into silence. He is denigrating his fellow citizens while trying to strip them of their Constitutional rights. At the same time Boss Hogg is orchestrating his willing minions of the media to further whip anti-gun forces into a frenzy.

I however find his actions to be sanctimonious and condescending. That’s a pretty nice trick for a kid who hasn’t even graduated high school.

You cannot be a member of the House of Representatives until you’re 25; the US Senate requires you be 30 and to be President you have to be 35. The clear reason for these standards is that each office requires ever more maturity because of the awesome responsibility. Jefferson, Madison and Franklin knew that but too many among us have lost sight of that common sense.

The Framers didn’t trust the nation to the whims of children and we cannot afford to either. We will not trust the future of The Bill of Rights to petulant children with a penchant for attracting openly biased members of the media.

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