The fake stories of gang rapes at the University of Virginia detailed in Rolling Stone Magazine. The lies of rape on the campus of Oberlin College by Lena Dunham in her new and now very discredited book. What do they mean? Well for starters It indicates the left has a predisposition to say inaccurate and false stories are ok if they serve the ‘greater good’ of liberal thought.

In fact one writer (I cannot in good conscience call him a journalist) George Packer of the New Yorker gives a full pass to Rolling Stone for falsely indicting the entire fraternity system in America and doing so at the expense of the University of Virginia. Some actual journalists are finally fighting back against these ongoing crimes against thinking people.

Mollie Hemingway writing in the Federalist made these critical and important observations:

It’s absolutely true that we don’t have a wave of outright fabrication-out-of-whole-cloth. But what we have is much worse. We have a tsunami of inaccuracy that is generally tolerated, embraced and even celebrated so long as it serves the right political and cultural goals.

Yes, the latest shocking revelations about Sabrina Rubin Erdely and Rolling Stone’s journalism are stunning. They really really messed up. Even more than we previously realized. They should receive every bit of opprobrium coming their way. But they should not be the scapegoat for a problem that is riddled throughout journalism. Waving it away in denial, as Packer tries to do, only announces one’s cluelessness.

Hemmingway is exactly right. The problem with Rolling Stone, and I believe there is a big one inside those walls- is only a symptom of a much larger disease that is metastasizing throughout media outlets in the western world. These alleged reporters are the product of American journalism schools from Princeton to Missouri. The end product to me speaks for itself.

It is not going to change anytime soon I am saddened to tell you. You see they don’t care about truth by and large- no they care about pushing what they think is the right agenda for everyone else.

You’ve been warned again.