I guess it was just a matter of time before the smartphone zombies (of which I am one many days) got around to making your drivers license part of the information available at the push of a virtual button.

Iowa will be the first in the nation to make the step into cyber licensing for those driving in the Hawkeye State. Iowans will soon be able to use a mobile app on their smartphones as their official driver's license issued by the Iowa Department of Transportation.

The app, which will be provided to drivers at no additional cost, will be available sometime in 2015, DOT Director Paul Trombino told Gov. Terry Branstad during a state agency budget hearing Monday.

My question of course should be obvious- what about security? What happens when cyber thieves get not just the credit card information but the drivers license too?

It seems a good idea for convenience when it comes to driving but it is a dangerous road to be on if those looking for identity theft targets the information.