On Monday, November 2nd, the Salvation Army of Jackson will launch their Red Kettle Campaign. The funds that will be raised through the iconic red kettles are more at risk this year due to COVID-19, while the request for services is at an all-time high, according to WILX.

There has already been an increase of service already this year in response to the pandemic. This year, the Jackson Salvation Army expects to serve about 155 percent more people this Christmas, like putting food on people's tables, paying bills, providing gifts for under the tree, and even providing shelter.

Over 22,000 people were served last year by the Salvation Army, including over 6,075 with Christmas assistance. If there is an increase of needed help this year, that could mean 18,000 people in Jackson county may need help this holiday season.

We've already seen a ton of retail stores close their doors thanks to the pandemic. With that, consumers have been carrying less cash as well as coins, and there has been a lack of foot traffic.

This year, the salvation army could see a 50 percent decrease in funds, which may, in turn, limit their capability to provide services this year.

Due to the closing of retail stores, consumers are carrying less cash and coins, and there is a decline in foot traffic. The Salvation Army could see up to a 50 percent decrease in funds raised nationally through the red kettles, which would limit their capability to provide services for the most vulnerable.

“Our ability to raise funds to serve those in need this Christmas and beyond is at risk new methods and innovations will be required. We’re asking you to help ‘Rescue Christmas’ with us by providing support in any way you can”. Major Jose A. Tamayo Corps Officer Jackson County said in a statement. “Our hope Is to offset these challenges to meet the Increasing demand for services across Jackson County.”

Least year, $126 million had been raised through 30,000 red kettles.

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