Not only has Robert “Bob” Cole lived over 100 years but he also fought in WWII, fought fires for Leoni Township and fought COVID-19...He absolutely deserves to celebrate!

By this point, most of us have had to celebrate our birthdays "Coronavirus-style" or at least a bit differently than we normally would and when someone is turning 101 you protect them at all costs, pandemic or not.

That's why when Cole was celebrating being over a century old, MLive reports his family gathered outside the Jackson County Medical Care Facility where staff made sure he was in a room with large windows so his family could be as close as possible.

Aside from beating COVID, his daughter Geraldine Boley told MLive all about Cole's other extreme adventures.

Cole fought during World War II in the army, then joined the National Guard in 1945 and, as Boley told MLive, "He was discharged after seven years, 11 months and 24 days of military service, in 1949."

He then still wanted to protect and serve people so he worked as a Jackson County sheriff’s deputy and helping other local police departments on the weekends then went on to join the Leoni Township Fire Department where he retired from after 38 years.

Now in case it wasn't already apparent that this man probably couldn't sit still for very long, Boley said he went on to be a mechanic at a Michigan Center garage after leaving the police force(s) and firefighting.

Though Cole's wife Louise passed in 2015, Boley said he still has "five children, four grandchildren, 11 great-grandchildren and at least three great-great grandchildren."

We are sure all of those family members and even more people were so happy Cole was able to spend the day with family in some way.

This man already led an incredible life, has lived through so many historical moments, all while making history himself.

So, if you are feeling "old" because now anyone who sells you booze just has to look for your birth year to start with a "19__" just think of Cole and how he was literally BORN in 1920 and all he's accomplished!

Happy belated birthday Bob! Thank you for all you have done for your country, your community, and the spirits of many!

In honor of Cole, here is an interesting look at 100 years of military history:

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