The backlash against self-checkout lanes at major US retailers continues to grow and Target is responding with a change to its self-checkout policy. Michigan stores are already being impacted.

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What is Target's New Self-Checkout Policy?

Beginning earlier this week (3/17), Target stores across the US are now limiting customers to "10 items or fewer" at their self-checkout kiosks. (As an aside, please don't say "10 items or less" - you'll drive this Grammar Nerd nuts.)

The chain is also pledging to open more traditional checkout lanes, staffed by team members.

What is the Reason for Target's Self-Checkout Change?

According to a press release, Target indicates that the pilot program, which began in the fall of 2023 at select stores yielded great results, with customers responding favorably to the changes at their test stores.

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Target claims that many guests preferred self-checkout options during the pandemic in order to avoid unnecessary contact, but their opinions have since changed. The retailer says feedback from the pilot program was taken into consideration when implementing the recent changes.

What is the Timeline for Target's Self-Checkout Policy Change?

Target operates close to 2,000 stores across the United States with one or more locations in about 50 cities in Michigan. The chain began implementing the policy at most of its locations on March 17.

How do Michigan Customers Feel About the Change?

In this video from WXYZ-TV, most customers the station spoke with are happy with the change. The overall reaction is positive because of shorter wait times in line and some customers believe a move away from self-checkout kiosks is good for employees' job security.

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