Talk about a blast from the past. There is a Facebook group page called - I played at the Meijer Oasis totally unsupervised in the 1970's. I have not thought about the Meijer Oasis play area in years.

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I grew up playing in the Oasis at Meijer. I just cannot remember which Michigan location it was. I am thinking it was Center Road in Burton or Pierson Road in Flint. I do know it was in Genesee County, if you remember - tell me.

Can you believe that parents would leave their children unattended at the Meijer Oasis while they shopped? If a parent left a child alone in a play area today, there would be a Karen nearby to report it. More than likely I was in the play area with my sisters, but still, it sounds nuts according to today's standards. I could have been kidnapped. My biggest fears as a child were being kidnapped or catching on fire. The lesson for each of those incidents was to run and scream (potential kidnapping) or stop, drop and roll (if set on fire). Luckily I never had to do any of those things at the Meijer Oasis.

If you remember the Meijer Oasis then chances are you remember this beauty,

Todd Sokolove via I Played at the Meijer Oasis Totally Unsupervised Facebook
Todd Sokolove via I Played at the Meijer Oasis Totally Unsupervised Facebook

I don't recall the horses being named, but I definitely remember riding them. I would have a complete meltdown if my mother would not let me have a horse ride. Looking back calling it a 'ride' is probably being too generous.

This stroll down memory lane has been fun, but now that I am an adult -  I am heading to a new kind of oasis to play, it's called a bar.

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