If you've lived in Michigan long enough, then you know that we can get a fair bit of snow throughout the winter.

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Heck, we can get snow in the fall and spring too.

Shoveling Snow

But regardless of when we get the snow, the dreaded task of removing it comes into play once it has arrived.

Young woman shoveling snow
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Yes, it's the nice, responsible, neighborly thing to do to remove snow from your sidewalks as soon as possible. But did you know that there are actual laws surrounding snow removal too?

Michigan Snow Removal Laws

If you'd like to avoid a ticket or a fine, there are multiple things to keep in mind when it comes to snow removal in Michigan.

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The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) reminds us of Michigan Vehicle Code 257.677a, which

prohibits "the obstruction of safety vision by removal or deposit of snow, ice, or slush." This includes the end of driveways, where banked snow can reduce visibility for vehicles trying to enter the roadway.

Basically, don't shovel your snow into the street, and don't pile it up so high at the end of your driveway that it could obstruct views.

Major Midwest Snow Storm Dumps 17 Inches On Madison, Wisconsin
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Besides keeping location in mind during snow removal, you'll also want to take into account time frame.

How Long Do I Have to Shovel My Sidewalks?

According to White Law PLLC, "the state of Michigan enacts consequences against parties who do not remove snow from their premises within 48 hours of a snowfall." So, as long as you're in good health to do so and the weather doesn't keep piling on the snow, you've got two days to shovel your sidewalks and other walkways.

When it comes to snow removal in Michigan, the key take aways are making sure it's done in a timely matter and making sure the snow isn't obstructing anyone's view. Keep those in mind and you'll be good to go.

Just make sure you take plenty of breaks and drink water!

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