Have you heard of magnet fishing?

It's a trend that's growing in popularity. Or, at least it appears to be growing thanks to the number of videos I've seen pop up on both Instagram and TikTok. People attach strong magnets to the end of a rope and then cast it into a body of water to see what they can "catch".

Oftentimes, old car keys, discarded tools, and other random metallic objects are reeled in. But, every once in a while these magnet fishers find a few interesting (and sometimes alarming) objects.

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In Michigan, for example, there's a man that is sharing his unique finds on TikTok. Tanner, or @themichiganmagnetman on TikTok, has gained over 300k followers on TikTok with an additional 5k subscribers on his Youtube channel where he also shares his magnet fishing catches.

From what he's shared on TikTok, here are the 10 coolest finds (in my personal opinion):

10 Unique Things This Michigan Man Has Found While Magnet Fishing

You just never know what you might pull from the river/lake while doing some magnet fishing

The weird/incredible discoveries notwithstanding, Tanner is also on a mission to help clean up our waterways which I can't help but applaud.

Speaking from personal experience, the task of taking on humanity's pollution as a whole is entirely overwhelming. But, if we all do what we can to help keep our planet clean, it does make a difference.

Want to try out magnet fishing for yourself? Check out a few tips from magnetarmagnets.com. Be careful, though. You might end up reeling in something potentially dangerous like @motorcitymagnetfishing, a father/daughter duo, did in May of 2022:


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