Have you ever been in an eating contest? I was in a pizza eating contest one time back in the '80s. Even though I didn't win, I plowed through several slices very quickly and had fun doing it.

I think it would be fun to be in a Coney Dog eating contest to see how many Coney Dogs you could put away in three minutes.

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That's exactly what a man from Flushing Michigan did most recently. He was able to scarf down at least 7 Coney Dogs in 3 minutes to win the eating competition.

If that were me, I would have had to drink bottles of Pepto Bismol. I certainly couldn't handle the heartburn, especially eating that quickly.

According to mlive.com:

After downing seven dogs in just three minutes, Flushing native Tim Simpson was crowned as the 2022 Coney Dog Eating Champion at the fourth annual eating competition at Bueche’s Food World.

Can't even imagine downing 7 Coney Dogs in just 3 minutes. Would you like to know how Mr. Simpson prepared for the Coney Dog eating contest?

Simple, he didn't eat anything all day and had just one beer. And that's how Tim became the winner of the eating competition.

And I'll tell you what, this guy can really eat. Not only does Tim Simpson really enjoy the Flushing community, he loves to eat all kinds of food, especially pizza.

Mlive.com also adds:

His wife signed him up for this competition because Simpson enjoyed competing in eating competitions with his fantasy football group. Once, he downed an entire Little Caesars HOT-N-READY pizza in five and a half minutes.

That's incredible. There's no way I could beat Simpson in a pizza eating contest.

Here's the best part of the Coney Dog eating contest, proceeds are being used by the Flushing Area Chamber of Commerce to put up Christmas decorations around downtown Flushing.

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