A masked jihadist appearing in a 50 minute film released by ISIS on September 19, 2014 shows a man with his face covered that goes seamlessly from Arabic to English and back again. The film also shows the man executing Syrian prisoners after they dig their own graves.

American intelligence investigators say the man has a Midwestern accent likely from the Great Lakes region. Considering Michigan has the largest Arab population outside of the Middle East it seems very likely the terrorist could be from Michigan.

The propaganda video, “The Flames of War,” features a fluent English speaking host, apparently a recruitment tool designed to lure additional Westerners to the terrorist organization.

An intelligence official close to the matter said the executioner, if confirmed to be an American citizen, will be the first documented case of a U.S. citizen engaging in a mass execution for the ISIS terror network.

What will it mean for you if it’s confirmed this man left Michigan to join the savages of ISIS and murder our fellow Americans?