In February a Michigan State University student, Dustyn Frolka, was beaten and robbed in Bath Township.  He jumped from an SUV to escape, but later passed away from injuries.

Brendan Heim of Saline

On Wednesday Brendan Heim, 17, plead guilty to first-degree murder charges related to Frolka's death. Normally first-degree murder charges carry a sentence with no-parole, but if the defendant is under 18 there are exceptions.

Heim faces 32.5 to 60 years in prison, but the judge could change his sentence.  He will find out on November 24th how much time he actually faces and he will also find out if he will be eligible for parole.

Tyrel Bredernitz, 18 and Samantha Grigg, 18 were also charged with Frolka's death. Bredernitz plead guilty to second-degree murder.  Grigg was charged with manslaughter and armed robbery.  She was sentenced to up to 15 years in prison.