Columnist Drew Magary writes for, an interesting news site to say the least.

Well Drew was asked by one of his readers “Which state has the best shape?”, apparently that reader thought it was Texas.  This columnist did not agree with him and stated he thought Texas looked like "an ocean liner that ran directly into a retaining wall”, I do not see that at all.

Drew Magary, who I have never heard of before, thought the best shaped state was our own state of Michigan.

Of course it is, hands down!  What other state can be so clearly identified with as a piece of clothing or quite frankly anything else.

In his piece he wrote:

I like states and countries that are shaped like things. Not only is Michigan shaped like a mitten, but if you include the Upper Peninsula, it looks like a mitten that is desperately trying to cling to an overhead branch before plummeting down the face of Mount Arvon.

Once again Michigan reigns supreme.

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