I found two interesting articles that seem to possibly prove each other.

The first one was reported on by the local CBS affiliate in Sacramento California, they are reporting on a study by the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America that found that IQ scores have been steadily falling over the last few decades.

That study reported:

Norwegian researchers analyzed the IQ scores of Norwegian men born between 1962 and 1991 and found that scores increased by almost 3 percentage points each decade for those born between 1962 to 1975 — but then saw a steady decline among those born after 1975.

Similar studies in Denmark, Britain, France, the Netherlands, Finland and Estonia have demonstrated a similar downward trend in IQ scores, said Ole Rogeberg, a senior research fellow at the Ragnar Frisch Center for Economic Research in Norway and co-author of the new study.

Now that is interesting, could it be that so many people are just not informing themselves on the issues of the day?

No, according to Ole Rogeberg, a senior research fellow at the Ragnar Frisch Center for Economic Research in Norway stated it is due to environmental factors:

The causes in IQ increases over time and now the decline is due to environmental factors…It’s not that dumb people are having more kids than smart people, to put it crudely. It’s something to do with the environment, because we’re seeing the same differences within families

What environmental changes could there be that lowers our IQ’s?  According to Robin Morris, a professor of psychology at Kings College in London who was not involved in Ritchie’s research:

In my view, we need to recognize that as time changes and people are exposed to different intellectual experiences, such as changes in the use of technology, for example social media, the way intelligence is expressed also changes. Educational methods need to adapt to such changes

Could it also be that our educational system is failing the people and parents have abdicated their responsibility of their children’s education to the state?

The second article I found that may lend some credence to this study was published in the New York Post that found that a “Shocking number of Americans have sex at work”.

Really, could there be that many people who would risk their jobs and livelihood to have sex at work?

The new survey of 2000 people conducted by sex toy store EdenFantasys found that 14% of the 2000 people polled said that they actually had sex at their place of work.  Also of those who’ve had sex at work approximately 1 in 5 have been caught in the act.

I understand nature but to actually risk your job and livelihood to pursue actually having sex with someone at work is not the brightest thing to do.

I say, get a room.

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