Could a city in Michigan be ranked as the nicest city in America, well we will see next month.

Mlive is reporting about the Reader's Digest, Good Morning America and “Nicest Place in America?” survey.  You have until 6:00 pm EST July 7th to vote.

Click here to vote for Kalamazoo as the "Nicest Place in America"

How did Kalamazoo make it into the Top 10 to be voted on?

A couple of the major reasons cited by the survey were the:

The Kalamazoo Promise program which provides college scholarships to graduates of all Kalamazoo Public Schools


The Kalamazoo Strong program which is a philanthropy nonprofit formed back in 2016.

Do you believe Kalamazoo is one of the nicest cities in the United States, if so please vote with the link provided above.

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