There's a trick that crooks are using to steal from you and at first glance, it seems so innocent.

If you see a plastic bottle stuck between the tire and wheel well of your car, consider it a telltale sign that someone may attempt to rob you.

So how does it work?

  • Would-be crooks place a plastic bottle, like an empty water bottle, on the tire on your car's passenger side.
  • You probably won't notice it when you enter on the driver's side.
  • When you begin to move, the bottle will make all sorts of noise.
  • What's your first instinct? Jump out and walk around to the other side of the car to see what's happened.
  • Since you probably left personal items like your cellphone or purse in the car, a crook who's lurking nearby now has an opportunity to grab your stuff. If you've left your keys (which most of us probably would) they may even drive off in your car.

We suggest you take a look at both sides of your vehicle before entering it. If you see a plastic bottle shoved between one of the tires and the frame, it might be a good idea to call 911.

The video below is in Spanish, but you'll get the idea.

Take a Peek Inside Eminem's Oakland County Mansion

At one time, this mansion was known as the Kmart Mansion because it was owned by the CEO of Kmart before it was purchased by Eminem in 2003. The rapper lived in this house in Oakland County as recently as 2017 and has since purchased another beautiful home in Clinton Township.

The furniture inside the 17,500 sq. foot crib isn't Eminem's, but the outside pictures are reported to be older photos, so yes, we are led to believe the cars did belong to Mr. Mathers.

McIntyre Keyser Wife Swap -- Here Are the Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions

Since my wife Denise and I appeared on the ABC show Wife Swap 12 years ago, our family has fielded a lot of questions about our experience on the show.

Sometimes the questions are innocuous like, "Was it fun?" Others have poked fun and asked if our family really is as cheap as it appeared to be on TV. And some questions have been downright inappropriate.

Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions our family has been asked about our appearance on the show.

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