When it comes to paying winter bills, they can certainly add up in no time especially during the cold winter months.

According to WILX, Consumers Energy and AG Nessel are urging Michigan residents to take advantage of tens of millions in federal, state, and local dollars that will help households and small businesses pay winter heating bills.

I do know that from past winters that were extremely cold, there were a lot of Michiganders who had a difficult time paying their winter heating and electric bills.

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And if you keep the thermostat set high in the house and run too much electricity, your bills can really add up to the point of being very difficult to pay all at once.

 AG Nessel said no one should go without warmth or comfort in their own home when they can have access to so many dollars here in Michigan, starting with a single phone call.  (WILX)

Nessel also said we know that February's brutal cold weather left our friends and neighbors with high energy bills, but they should know they can take action now that can make a huge difference.  (WILX)

According to WILX, Consumers Energy alone has provided $15 million since last fall to help customers pay bills.  In all, the company and its charitable foundation have provided over $21 million to support customers and communities with needs related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you're looking for ways to get help with your bills, WILX has some great information to pass along.

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