A puppy mill being operated in Hillsdale County has been shut down by the state.
Attorney General Dana Nessel is announcing the action following charges being filed against the owner-operator, Paul Steury.

The state charges Steury with a long list of unfair and deceptive trade practices while trying to market the puppies born at his operation. The complaints accuse Steury of selling sick puppies and adult dogs and providing false documentation of the breed, age, health, and vaccination histories.The Attorney General's office says illegal or unscrupulous breeders hide their poor conditions by meeting buyers at offsite locations or selling through pet stores or online.

State investigators report Steury admitted to killing several young dogs that he was unable to sell.  33 dogs have been recovered from his operation and most have been treated for medical conditions and were able to be placed into homes through the Michigan Humane Society.

The state recently released a consumer alert for Michigan residents to help dog lovers spot and stop illegal puppy mill operations. The first step consumers should take is demanding to see the mother of the puppy and the premises where the puppy is being cared for.

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