It is the year of the outsider with the likes of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders leading those on the right and left; and leaving the political pundits and the normally predictable machine in Washington confused and flabbergasted.

A couple of weeks ago Speaker of the House John Boehner announced he would be leaving at the end of October. The announcement was a shocker in a city where almost nobody leaves voluntarily and many are more likely to get carried out in a box than waltzing out of their own terms. Then came Kevin McCarthy, the Californian was expected to slide in to the seat with little opposition. Then he made a crack about the Benghazi committee and it’s political implications to Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign. Before you knew it McCarthy was taking on water and his ship sank without warning when he pulled out of the race without warning.

One little known fact about our government is that- believe it or not, the Speaker of the House can be anybody, yep anybody including me. With that in mind I’ve decided to shake things up in Washington and throw my hat in the ring. I mean why not? I have the background and I believe the right temperament and political slant to fit right in and start getting things done from day one.

So therefore I am officially announcing my candidacy to be the next Speaker of the House of Representatives in Washington, DC!

I heard some other names bantered about including a couple from Michigan including former Congressman Dave Camp and the President of Hillsdale College Larry Arnn. By the way Arnn has a new book out and will be joining me here on the program in a few days. Former Speaker Newt Gingrich also said he would consider the job if he could get the 218 votes needed to make it happen.

Let’s be honest though; we’ve tried Newt and Larry has an important college to run and young minds to mold. I am clearly a much better fit and frankly it is my best shot at finally becoming President, which is as close to ‘King for a Day’ that I will ever reach.

It’s time for real change in Washington and time for pragmatic conservative common sense. Clearly it is time for Gruber to be Speaker of the House!

Who’s with me?

Don’t laugh until you see who actually gets the job. You may look back and say ‘you know Gruber may have been a better choice’.