Michigan Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow joined New York Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer in the nations capital to outline a massive new push to expand gun control measures across the nation.

The proposals include closing so called background check loopholes, expanding the background check database, and tightening regulations on illegal gun purchases.

During a mid-day press conference the Senators and a dozen others recounted deadly mass shootings across the nation over the past several years. They said conversations with victims' relatives and friends helped underscore the need for what the liberal Democrats called "sensible gun reform legislation".

Sen. Mark Warner, a Virginia Democrat, said he was moved to support the plan when his daughters asked him what he was going to do. He was also moved to join the anti- gun movement when Andy Parker pushed him as well. Parkers daughter, Alison was shot and killed along with her photographer on live TV in Virginia in August.

What the Senators failed to explain was how any of the new proposals put forth today would have prevented any of the shooting they recounted. The most recent tragedy occurred in Roseburg, Oregon when a mentally deranged man demanded to know the victims religions before killing them. 9 people died in the bloody attack.

The new proposal calls for "shutting down the illegal pipeline of guns," specifically straw purchasing — where one person buys a firearm for someone not legally allowed to have one. The Democrats also said they will demand that “domestic abusers” will be banned for life from ever owning firearms, the only misdemeanor with such a provision.

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