Things were finally becoming more normal as the Covid-19 restrictions were slowly rolled back, and we were all feeling relieved. Governor Whitmer planned to open even more businesses and facilities by July 4th. Then the numbers of infection started going up again. Harpers in East Lansing started out with about 22 reported infections, which over a few days grew to over 150. Then there was the gathering at Diamond Lake Sandbar, hundreds showed up to party with no social distancing, and no masks. It was more like a spring break than a fourth of July celebration. You have may have seen the video on social media that has been viewed over a million times. We are still waiting to see what numbers come out of that event.

MLive reports “I had hoped to take the rest of the state into phase 5, but we dialed it back right before the 4th of July because we see these numbers increasing,” Governor Whitmer said. “So not having bars that are serving indoors, that’s one thing. But you know, we are going to continue to watch the numbers. If they keep moving up, we are going to dial back if we must, and it’s the last thing any of us wants.”

Our numbers in Michigan have increased over the past few weeks, the Governor does not want to see some of the big spikes that have been hitting the southern states. Long story short, Covid-19 is not going away. If we follow guidelines, social distance, wear a mask in public, and wash your hands often, we can keep the numbers down, and be able to do more. But if we continue to see flagrant noncompliance with the guidelines, it could be an exceptionally long time before we get this totally under control.

Governor Whitmer reaffirmed “I’ve got to tell you, I want to reengage this economy more than anyone, but I’m not going to do it if it is too risky to do so, and that’s why we’re staying focused on the epidemiology. I’m not going to be bullied into moving before it’s safe, and if we have to move back, we’re going to,” Whitmer told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota.

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